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Some consumers have the misconception that using an artificial tree is more environmentally friendly. This couldn't be further from the truth. A traditional, natural, Real Christmas Tree is not only the best way create the unmistakable holiday atmosphere in your home, with its authentic look, feel, and scent, it's also the most beneficial option for the environment.

  • Real Christmas Trees benefit the environment while they are growing, absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting fresh oxygen.
  • Real Christmas Trees are renewable, grown on farms like any other crop, with one to three new seedlings planted for every harvested tree.
  • Real Christmas Trees are recyclable, since they can be converted into other beneficial products like mulch.
  • Real Christmas Trees help preserve green spaces, since they are frequently grown in soil that is not suited to other crops.

The above is just some basic information about the rich environmental benefits of Real Christmas Trees. For complete information, please see the National Christmas Tree Association Website at

Since Strathmeyer Christmas Trees are grown and sold on lots right here in York County, choosing a Strathmeyer Christmas Tree also supports local jobs and businesses in the York, PA region.

Strathmeyer Christmas Trees
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